Thursday, 29 March 2012

So many stones !!

we started digging last week up the top end of the allotment. we knew it was very stony up there and last year planted potatoes to break the ground up and added alot of our chicken muck .
well it worked the stones had moved up and we could move them these year , they arnt little stones but great big slabs of slate . OK i exaggerate a little !!! Also we have loads of worms !! hooray ! never had any last year !

 All those stones had to go somewhere so we've made a path all around the poly tunnel.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Chitting !

we always Chit our seed potatoes and sometimes I wonder why !  I remember Monty Don did a trail on Gardeners world a few year ago and they found they wasn't much difference in the yield of chitted spuds to un- chitted ones. But I still do it !!

Chitting simply means encouraging the seed potatoes to sprout before planting , usually done in January or February , mine are still chitting waiting for me to get a move on and plant them !.

seeds growing in my greenhouse..

some of my Chickens enjoying spring in my garden...

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Time To Sow.

I love this time of year when I get sowing i get so excited by the thought of all those lovely veggies going in my tum !!
Every year I do the same I sow too many seeds !! luckily I do have a little plant stall by my drive where I sell the excess plants, and I also end up giving other allotment holders some too.
Here's some of what I'm sowing this year.....

The above are from Aldi

I hope the walking stick kale grows well , I've got a great idea for it on our allotment and after when they are sticks the kids can have fun with them.
I really wanted to grow pink fir Apple  potatoes and yesterday i managed to source some locally which really pleased me ! 

Im studying a site that I through another blog... some very interesting seeds there.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

A New Year A New Blog !

Welcome To our family diary of our allotment !
We have an allotment in mid wales , when we took it on 18 months ago it had been left and unloved for a long time. The previous tenant found it too much and hadn't done anything to it at all.
We had inherited many weeds and mostly grass !! oh and a dangerous rickety shed made from metal sheets.
First job was to make it safe for our children , so down came the shed ! out with the toilet we found inside !
We put up a fence around the bottom of the allotment as there was a big drop down onto a yard below.
We then went about building a long wanted poly tunnel  and a new shed  both built by my husband with our own materials , nothing bought in . ( In true allotmenteers  style !).
Last year we did managed to plant up the whole allotment and we had some good and bad crops !

But this blog is about this years progress !!

So to start here's our allotment.

Photo taken last week Feb 2012