Saturday, 3 March 2012

A New Year A New Blog !

Welcome To our family diary of our allotment !
We have an allotment in mid wales , when we took it on 18 months ago it had been left and unloved for a long time. The previous tenant found it too much and hadn't done anything to it at all.
We had inherited many weeds and mostly grass !! oh and a dangerous rickety shed made from metal sheets.
First job was to make it safe for our children , so down came the shed ! out with the toilet we found inside !
We put up a fence around the bottom of the allotment as there was a big drop down onto a yard below.
We then went about building a long wanted poly tunnel  and a new shed  both built by my husband with our own materials , nothing bought in . ( In true allotmenteers  style !).
Last year we did managed to plant up the whole allotment and we had some good and bad crops !

But this blog is about this years progress !!

So to start here's our allotment.

Photo taken last week Feb 2012


  1. good luck with it Karen :)

  2. thanks !!! lot of hard work to be done !!

  3. It looks great. Are you 2 across from where we had ours? It was that massive drop that put me off. I hadnt noticed that the fence had come down as the grass was high and obscuring the drop. A crawling Erin soon spotted it though!!! Its a massive patch - good luck with it and I look forward to reading what I should be doing in my little garden patch through the year xx

  4. and a polytunnel???? How did you get that passed the committee xx

  5. hi clare, the polytunnel issue had to be taken to the allotment council where its now been passed that anyone can have one as long as it is only a certain size which is the same size as ours.