Monday, 23 April 2012

R is for radish. S is for sweetcorn . t is for thyme.

R is for radish

Most great gardeners take their first steps on the path to horticultural success by nurturing a row of radishes. They're an ideal vegetable for the beginner to grow. They have few demands, they tolerate most soil types and you don't have to wait too long to sample the results of your new hobby! Many varieties can be picked around a month or so after sowing - sooner in midsummer. This makes radishes a great choice for introducing children to the joys of growing your own.

s is for sweetcorn

The best time is to start sowing the sweetcorn is middle of April.  Sow the seeds inside in small, about 7cm pots or in those larger seed cells 2cm deep, 1 or 2 seeds per pot. Using ordinary compost is fine. Sweetcorn seeds ideally need a temperature of 15 Celsius and above to germinate successfully.
The seeds can be sown directly outside from middle of May, but be prepared to loose some plants this way as mice and birds can find the seeds easily in the soil. Raising the sweetcorn inside is much recommended and it’s really worth the extra work.

t is for thyme

My favourite herb to use in the kitchen and to grow. I dont grow it on my allotment but just outside my door in containers so i can get it as i need it in the kitchen.

Container Growing ThymeThyme is an excellent plant for growing in containers and requires no particular attention. Water to keep the compost moist, and feed with liquid plant food every two weeks from April to August


  1. I really enjoy fresh vegetables, and I prefer to eat the ones I have an affinity for raw if at all possible.

    I want to grow some jalapenos next. I just had some sweetcorn draped in butter and pepper and it was delicious!

  2. Mmmm! Sweetcorn! We had a French student stay with us once who was horrified to be presented with sweetcorn. Her father was a farmer and they grew it as cattle food. We converted her, though, and she went home to introduce an English recipe to a French peasant. No idea how that turned out!

  3. the old boys on our allotment asked us why we were growing cattle feed as well lol !